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 Application Filtration Services

Filtration and contamination control specialists

Cleaning test of hydraulic fluid of HYD. Press with 2000 litres reservoir.

  • No more oil changes.
  • Alpha-Num fault detection time.
  • No attendance required during operation.
  • Cleans particulate from any non-conductive fluid.
  • Improve performance of hydraulic components to meet high speed & precision by
    today’s computerized hydraulic control systems.
  • Eliminates oil related breakdown such as pump, motor, valve failures & leakages etc.
  • Eliminates oil disposal & recycling problem.
  • Reduce Power consumption.
  • Extremely short payback.
  • Plastic machinery.
  • Construction machinery.
  • Hydraulic press.
  • Aviation.
  • Turbine oil in hydro power station.
  • Sugar Mill.
  • Instrumentation & Refrigeration.
  • Earth moving equipment.
  • Aluminium/non ferrous Extrusion plants.
  • Plywood hot press
  • Servo valve-controlled hydraulic system.
  • Leather processing.
  • Mining machinery.
  • Transmission equipments.
  • Machine tools.
  • Automobile industry etc.
  • Power Press.
  • Steel industries.
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