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 Introduction Filtration Services

HND Technology – Specializing in Fluids Filtration

HND Technology is a manufacturer and distribution of filtration system for contamination control and machine reliability. Our complete line of full-flow and off-line filtration system are suitable for engines, hydraulic system, final drive oils, gearboxes, fuel systems and much more. Our design flexibility allows us to provide custom units to meet your needs. Our units are quality-built and competitively priced.

In this world of high component cost and expensive downtime, HND Technology understands that maintaining cleanliness of fuel is the key to improved machine efficiency and lowering maintenance cost. “Wear Generates Wear…”

HND Technology’s filtration system has proven to increase fuel economy, extend hydraulic oil and component life and increase engine oil life. These reductions in waste not only increase your saving but also are good for environment. Here are more reasons to call us today…

Cleaner Fluids & Cleaner Components

Extend Oil Change:
* Engine oil- up to 1500 hrs
* Hydraulic oils- up to 8000 hrs
* Final drive oils- up to 12000 hrs
* Reduce fuel consumption- by up to 5% (on or off road)
* Increase component life- (two-fold)

1. Cleaner & Extend The Life of Gear Box Lube Oils
Lower Cost and Longer Life

* See a return on your investment in as little as one month!
* Reduce oil purchases
* Reduce waste oil
* Reduce labour cost to maintain your equipment
* Increase machine life

1. Extend the life of industrial Hydraulic Oils
2. Extend the life of crusher canister system

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